I have been assisting Anglican Church in Western Australia for five years to help its clergy and worshipping communities to address the tragedy of child sexual abuse. 

The work is aimed at both preventing abuse and responding to past offences against children. 

I do similar work with the Baptist Churches in Western Australia.  

I advise the Anglican and Baptist churches on strategies to prevent, detect and respond to abuse behaviour in church communities. 

I also assist in the management of 'Persons of Concern' in church communities to allow them to safely participate in church activities. Persons of Concern is the term given to anyone who has offended against children and who wants to continue to attend church. They must be allowed to participate in worship such that children and other vulnerable people are protected and that they are not vilified. 

Assisting churches to manage Persons of Concern requires balancing legal, pastoral, theological and human considerations.

I am a nationally accredited ChurchSafe presenter and deliver training to Anglican and Baptist clergy and church workers. I have trained over 2000 clergy and local church leaders in the protection of children and vulnerable people in church settings. 


A ChurchSafe workshop.

A ChurchSafe workshop.